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I HAVE HAD THE PRIVILEGE TO WORK WITH PEOPLE during times of distress and during times of optimal health. Many people have rediscovered mental clarity and energy, overcome incredible obstacles and realized their dreams. I have helped musicians, priests, moms, students, athletes, teachers, physicians and many others.  Everyone struggles with low moods, nervousness, fears or addictions of some kind, at some point in life.  If depression, anxiety, fear or addiction keep you from living the life you imagined, you are not alone.  There is hope and way through this time in your life.   


MINDFUL MEDICINE IS COMMITTED to individualized treatment.  Before we have our first meeting, I will review your history so that I can start to learn about you.  When we meet, I will listen carefully, and then offer suggestions that we can explore.  Services recommended will vary depending on your interests and needs.


INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE combines traditional, conventional medicine with evidence-based natural remedies that are proven safe and effective.  Integrative Medicine acknowledges that the mind and the body are inseparable and that this connection can promote healing.

​​​Mindful Medicine PC 
  • Relief from Stress
  • Ease of Depression
  • Calming of Anxiety
  • Freedom from Addiction

Often, people find that sleep improves, weight comes into a desirable range, and joy is more abundant.

an integrative, mind-body approach to health

Mindful Medicine PC
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  • Nutrition Education & Counseling
  • Movement & Exercise Recommendations
  • Biofeedback
  • Psychotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Medication Management
  • Second opinions